NCC - 86105

Welcome to the USS Magnificent!

Welcome to the Magnificent!

This sim is rated 16+ with a RPG Rating of

In a fit of madness, the CO decided to make it part of the Messier 4 Universe. Do not judge her. She bites. Hard.

Main Rule For Joining

One: You must be here to have fun. Drama will be met with airlocks.

Two: You must have a desire to play a goof, a underachiever, a neurotic but not psychotic individual who barely graduated the Academy, or Enlisted Boot Camp.

Three: You have to be willing to start at the bottom. Hey, the CO is only a Lieutenant and there's limited officers. Ensign is the most popular and limited to 15. I ask that you not try to start as Ensign or Master Chief. Petty Officer Third Class is fine. Cadet 4th class on your senior tour is great, too.

Latest Mission Posts

» Theift? Who Said Anything About Theift?

Mission: History
Posted on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant JG Reggie Hawthorn & Petty Officer 3rd Class Taline

"Will you look at that thing," Reggie said, letting out a long slow whistle as he walked past the viewing window looking out over docking bay. Beyond the four foot pane of transparent meta-sapphire was the sleek racer's profile of a Vesta class exploration cruiser.

"Warp 9.9 as cruising speed,…

» Resistance Is Consensual

Mission: History
Posted on Fri Aug 2nd, 2019 @ 10:21pm by Lieutenant Jillian Toomey & Ensign Song of Justice

Like two sailboats passing in the night in the maritime days of yore, the USS Armstrong had managed to cross paths with the Magnificent. The Elon Musk could have ferried him the entire way, but Ensign Song of Justice was as eager to be off that ship as the crew…

» Engineering a Solution

Mission: History
Posted on Sun Jul 28th, 2019 @ 11:29pm by Lieutenant JG Reggie Hawthorn & Lieutenant Jillian Toomey

Lieutenant JT "Socket" Toomey looked around the small bridge of the overpowered tiny ship she had been assigned to. It didn't quite have that new ship smell she expected, but it didn't quite have that "Ensign th'Rowup did it in the corner again" smell that would assault the memory of…