NCC - 86105

Ensign Song of Justice

Name Song of Justice

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human Borg
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue. Sometimes glowing.
Physical Description Justice wears his implants like tattoos. They express who he is without having to say a word. The ocular implant on the right side of his face glows a faint blue at all times, while his artificial left eye is blue with a faint red pupil.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Justice likes to argue, but seldom heatedly. His assigned duties are less important than the attitude and company with which he performs them. Never a taskmaster, often a critic, Justice's helping hand usually comes with a backhanded compliment or suggestion to do better. He's never parted from his vaporizer.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart & Insightful
+Strong sense of... JUSTICE

-Easily distracted
-Vapes. A lot.
Ambitions Found a new commune of Borg mutualists.
Hobbies & Interests Vaping. Pontificating. Proselytizing others into his prospective Borg commune.

Personal History In 2365, when Archer Logan V was a child, the USS Delahunt on which his parents served, was attacked by the Borg. His parents (a proud family from Terra Nova) were killed before the assimilation party reached him. As a child, he was placed within a maturation chamber where he spent his formative years. The cube in which he was to be assimilated upon reaching maturity was severed from the Collective in 2368, at which time he was released from his maturation chamber as an adolescent.

The Liberated Borg struggled through many years of adversity and confusion before finally settling upon a cultural ideal on which to found themselves: Freedom. The survivors of the Severance formed a Cooperative colony on an uncharted planet, ultimately reorganizing as the New Cooperative in 2373. The fledgling civilization was centered around mutualism and free expression.

During the Speaking of Names, a communal gathering where the Liberated would publicly declare their new name, Archer Logan V took the name Song of Justice in the hope that his life would become just that. Most Liberated Borg held unsightly disfigurations which made acclimation and diplomacy with other worlds and factions difficult. As such, the New Cooperative has remained a largely isolated enclave, though not through a lack of hospitality. Justice went out from the Enclave at age 22, wishing to spread the gospel of Borg Mutualism far and wide.

Justice wandered the stars and failed to convert even one individual, in part due to the assimilation requirements for full membership. By the time he made it to the Sol Sector, he made the brave decision to apply to the Starfleet Academy with the hope of redeeming his new culture in the eyes of the Federation–and, just maybe, find willing converts.

Justice aced the entry exams, pursued the Engineering track, and preached the gospel of Borg Mutualism to all who would hear him. His senior cadet cruise was particularly scandalous, resulting in a new Starfleet regulation dedicated solely to Borg-oriented officers.

Upon graduation and promotion to Ensign, tales of his nuisance had spread throughout the fleet, resulting in no captain wanting him on their staff. For awhile, it seemed he might be assigned to a work detail in the dregs of a shipyard somewhere, but a last minute placement aboard the USS Magnificent as its Chief of Operations assured a more prestigious role that would lend him a platform for proselytization.

Needless to say, the Academy staff was happy to see him leave.
Service Record 2389
Ensign | Chief Operations Officer - USS Magnificent

Senior Cadet | Engineering Officer - USS Elon Musk