NCC - 86105

Petty Officer 3rd Class Taline

Name Taline

Position Computer Systems Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 98lbs
Hair Color Black with green highlights
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Taline is lithe and lean for an Orion, and only half as voluptuous as the stereotype. Her hair has faint green highlights because why not? She often stands and sits with a slouch, or with arms crossed in tedious impatience.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Taline cares little if at all for anyone or anything. She spurns personal interaction and often mocks people for their friendliness, their pride in a job well done, or anything else. She's often seen rolling her eyes at the universe, cracking a smile only for painfully uncomfortable situations or proposals.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Brilliant
+ Advanced computer skills
+ Persuasive

- Antisocial
- Stubborn
- Sarcastic
Ambitions Take over a world, preferably a recently uninhabited one, and fill it with cats.
Hobbies & Interests Cats. Music. Art. Computers. In that order.

Personal History Taline is the heiress of a defunct Orion cartel. Her mother, Divada of the Anyx cartel, raised her in the lap of criminal luxury until the day of her adolescence. At that time, Divada arranged for a low-profile, high-stakes sale in a slave exchange to pass Taline off into the Federation infrastructure.

Not only was it a bad idea, but events unfolded to reveal the entire exchange was a sting operation by the Federation Marshals. Divada's entourage was killed in a hostile retreat, and she herself perished in a starship pursuit.

As a new ward of the Federation, Taline was placed in an orphanage on Earth (after a gentle debriefing by Starfleet Intelligence, naturally). Going from Orion luxury to a utopian orphanage actually changed very little in Taline's day to day life. The pheromone treatments to curb her sexual manipulation of other species were actually welcomed, given the fate she nearly faced at the hands of her mother.

Once she came of age, Taline had absolutely no ambitions in life, despite her aptitude with circumventing computer systems and being a general nuisance. Money, power, and knowledge -- the sum total of both Federation and Orion societies -- held absolutely no interest to her.

It wasn't until she came upon an art exhibit of a curious creature called the Felis catus which filled the hole missing in her life. The cat became her primary reason for joining Starfleet. Not only could she encounter Caitians and other feline races through Starfleet, she discovered it was the only Federation agency not subject to the Federation Marshals, whom she hated only slightly less than her deceased mother.

The Academy's intake committee was slightly concerned about her defection back to the Orion Syndicate, but Taline's droll consternation convinced them that she had no interest in becoming another cartel's sex slave. Pledging to be a whore only for Starfleet, Taline found herself denied the officer's track and on her way to NCO boot camp.

Her scores were off the charts in computer sciences, in part due to her early upbringing in the Orion cartel and her mischievous adolescent years at the orphanage. Unsurprisingly, however, few starship captains were interested in a petty officer with a checkered past and an asterisk indicating a cantankerous personality in her service jacket.
Service Record 2389
Petty Officer Third Class | USS Magnificient - Computer Systems Specialist

Graduated from the enlisted Engineering/Operations track with specialization in Computer systems