NCC - 86105

Theift? Who Said Anything About Theift?

Posted on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 12:16am by Lieutenant JG Reggie Hawthorn & Petty Officer 3rd Class Taline

Mission: History
Location: Starbase 714, Pier Side
Timeline: MD0 1300 Hours

"Will you look at that thing," Reggie said, letting out a long slow whistle as he walked past the viewing window looking out over docking bay. Beyond the four foot pane of transparent meta-sapphire was the sleek racer's profile of a Vesta class exploration cruiser.

"Warp 9.9 as cruising speed, quantum slipstream drive, the most advanced sensors in the fleet and all in a space frame designed to make a man blush for his thoughts..." Reggie sighed. "...almost makes me feel bad for the borrowing of things we're about to bestow on her."

Taline stood behind him with a deadpan expression that would shame a mannequin. "Do you always wear a hat?" It was less interrogative and more passively insulting.

“Course,” Reggie said a little defensively, running a finger along the brim of his hat. “Keeps the sun off my brow and the rain off my head.”

Taline rolled her eyes but said nothing.

Now a little self conscious, Reggie lead the Petty Officer through the crowd of Starbase Operations Tech’s manning the pier side operations. Here in the cavernous space large industrial transporter pad’s beamed tons of supplies from the Starbase and into the holds of the aside starship. Here and there a red shirted command type would be walking through the manic theatre of starships logistics, presumably from the starship along side.

“Now...” Reggie said, walking up to a vacant command terminal and opening an inspection panel on its base. Within seconds of the panel coming free a small pile of isolinear chip’s began to form. “ just keep your eyes peeled for folks looking our way.”

"Wasn't me," Taline said out of reflex. Her monotone turned more lively as potential mischief occurred to her. "Hey, can I keep some of those?"

"You want the sparkly data rock's I got a whole mess of'em in a box back on the Maggie. But we're here after bigger game" Reggie said as the transporter pad warmed to life before them. "We're in business."

He stood up, using a knee to close the panel over the ODN junction he'd been messing with. From under his wrist cuff he looked at a small wrap around wrist padd, noting something he'd written on it.

"Crate 38-56G, Cargo Bay 4..." he muttered, tapping in the commands on the terminal. "Data chips should by pass the routing instructions and give us direct access to what we want. Energising."

The pad before them flickered on, and the air turned heavy with static electricity as mater began to materialize out of thin air. It resolved itself into a large plastic crate, marked 'ENG-MAM-INJ2'. Grinning, and looking around to make sure no one was running towards them with 'The Law' burning from their eyes, he stepped around to the pad and opened the crate.

And pulled out a bottle of amber coloured liquid and a wooden box the size of a ham sandwich.

"...I don't think this is an antimatter injector."

"Shut up," Taline said in dispassionate incredulity. "I'm telling. But if you give me some, I won't." She crossed her arms and stared down Reggie like a matador.

"Breathe a word and I'll hog tie you in a supply cupboard until you've pulled your Twenty and retired," Reggie said as he leaned over the box. He pushed the bottle and box into her hands as he dug out a thin plastic sheet. With a practised flick of the wrist, the sheet went rigid, and an LCAR's data display illuminated on the flexible computer.

"Touch me and I'll scream," Taline pledged.

"To Station Commander...colour of your eyes...the moment of our last meeting drawing near...goes on a bit...very purple prose..." he muttered, reading the message displayed on the flexi. He then frowned at the end. "My safe word is 'Peaches'."

"Gross." Taline let out a bored sigh. "Are we going to drink or what? If you keep talking about geriatric sex then I'm going to throw myself into the nearest EPS tap."

"Gimme that!" Reggie growled and took the bottle from her hand. "You do not drink this. You appreciate it."

He thought about it for a second and then put the bottle back in her arms.

"But we are keeping it, along with the Bajoran cigars you have there," he nodded to the box in her hand. "But it stands to reason this is a box of stuff that someone is gonna miss rather more shortly than the three anti-matter injectors I wanted."

Taline was the picture of indifference. "And? Let's get out of here."

"Good idea," Reggie said and closed the box back up again. He then turned to the transporter controls and sent the box back to where it had been before. "If they come looking for this, we ain't seen nothing."

"Hare H. Krishna, I'm not stupid." Taline rolled her eyes but soon cracked a tight smile. "You're not so bad for an old guy. Let me know if you find more stuff to steal."

"What is it with you youngin's and your flexible stance on the ownership of property?" Reggie said with a shake of his head. "Sometimes I swear living in a utopian nightmare economy makes your heads nothing but fluff and guffer."

Taline shrugged. "I left property rights behind along with my mother's cartel," she said blandly. Her voice piqued harshly as she shouted, "MAY SHE BURN IN HELL!" Clearing her throat, she returned to her usual droll timbre and volume. "All hail the Federation, right?"

The ranks of industrial transporters and loading crews all came to a stop to look at her following her proclamation.

"She's a might excitable, first time out in the deep black. But hearts in the right place, am-I-right?" Reggie said, stepping in to fill the awkward stretching silence.